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Our Vision
For Our Water: Taking Action Together

Dry conditions most of the time means we have to be water-wise all of the time. Living water-wise isn’t difficult, it just takes a consistent effort. For our water, all of us will need to take action together.

Taking Action Together

Our water basin is depending on us to maintain and live a water-wise lifestyle.

Here's How You Can Take Action:

  • Reduce your water use by 15%. Whether it’s taking a shorter shower, waiting until you have a full load of clothes to do laundry, or turning off your outdoor sprinklers after it rains, every action counts.

  • Encourage your friends, family and neighbors to conserve water before, during and after droughts.

  • Know where your water comes from and share the story of our water basin.

Here's How We Are Taking Action:

  • Keeping you informed about our water basin levels.

  • Letting you know our choices, challenges and consequences for how the water basin is managed before,
    during and after droughts.

  • Working with partners and water agencies to continue to provide the reliable water and resources you need, and plan for the future of our water.

Our Vision: Making water-wise our lifestyle

2022_MSGBW_Level Conditions Graph_v copy.png
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