Our Vision Together

Our vision is that every person who calls the San Gabriel Valley home can be a hero in taking care of our basin and its waters. 

Before the next drought begins, we need to have as much water in the basin as possible. The more prepared we are, the better off we will all be.

We All Have a Role in this Cause

All of us have a relationship to the waters in this basin; it's our common ground and common cause. We all need to help the water basin recover from the last drought before the next one begins as we never know how soon or intense that it will be.

Your Role:

  • Know where your water comes from and share the story
    of our basin.

  • Use water wisely to help recover from the last drought and prepare for the next drought.

  • Check your local water provider for ideas about how to use water more efficiently.

Our Role:

  • Provide you with information about the basin and
    its waters.

  • Let you know our choices, challenges and consequences for how the basin and its waters are managed before, during and after droughts.

  • Work with partners and water agencies to continue to provide the reliable water and resources you need.

Our Vision: Recover from the last drought and prepare for the next.

MSGBW_Level Future Graph.png
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